eiWallet System
This is a virtual money account, where buyers and sellers save their money in virtual form known as eiCoins for use on the site. It could also be transferred from one user to another seamlessly by using the transfer portal on My wallet page.

The eiCoins?
Eicoins is the fastest, safest and the most convenient payment gateway on www.estyles.com. It is a payment option where customers purchase virtual coins from the site and use these coins to make purchases at a cheaper rate, in a more secure and convenient way on the site.

Security/How it works
When you make purchases with eicoins, the value is deducted from your eiWallet account and credited on the eiWallet account of the seller automatically. However, on event of any default/defect, the value deducted will be credited back to your eiWallet seamlessly. Apart from that, the seller does not have access to the coins until you (the customer) confirm receipt of the order on your dashboard. So your money is safe and secured. Also, when you return a valid default/defect product, estyles will credit your eiWallet with eiCoins equivalent of the amount spent in the cause of returning the product.

Wallet ID
All users are to activate their eiWallet Account and get their Wallet ID. Wallet ID’s are unique identifiers for transactions on the site. You are to secure your login details and make sure you don’t expose it to unsuspecting criminals. We do not have control over your account once you are logged in.

Transferring eiCoins
You can transfer eiCoins to any user on the site using the transfer eiCoins button and inputting the recipient's eiWallet ID.

Redeeming eiCoins?
All acquired/bought eiCoins by users can be redeemed, but priority is given to designers when it comes to eiCoins withdrawal. All you need to do is to write to us via [email protected] stating the amount you want to redeem and the account to which you wish to redeem it. When we get this request we will process it and make the transaction. This takes a maximum of 5 working days, or less.

Become an eiCoins Broker
An eiCoins broker is a user with the license to sell (transfer) eiCoins to other users on the site for Naira. One (1) eiCoin is equivalent to one hundred Naira (100 NGN) on estyles.com. Certified eiCoins brokers buy these eiCoins from us at discounted prices to make profit from selling them to users.
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estyles Nigeria hereby indemnifies herself from any problems on your account which include but is not limited to; safety of your login details and protecting your wallet ID, although sharing your wallet ID may not result in debits unauthorized by estyles Admin.
We don’t have control over any transferred eiCoins from your eiWallet page dashboard. You are liable for any discrepancies that may arise in the cause of transferring eiCoins. However, we may oblige to revert coins after establishing concrete evidence to the claim.