What is www.estyles.ng?
www.estyles.ng is an online destination for customization of indigenous designs and delivery of the finished product to you at your convenience. www.estyles.ng is an ecommerce web application for indigenous designs that solves the problems that exist between tailors/designers and customers such as meeting deadlines, misrepresentation of designs, poor finishing, wider market, etc thereby breaking the communication barrier between both parties.

What are the Differences between Full Price and Workmanship?
Answer: Full Price is the amount of money you pay for purchase of fabrics, accessories, etc and customization of design whereas Workmanship is the amount of money you pay for customization of design alone in case you have your fabrics, accessories, etc.

Do I need to pay for both Full Price and Workmanship?
Answer: No! These displayed prices are independent i.e. if you pay for Full Price you are not supposed to pay for Workmanship and vice versa. Don’t add the prices together.

What is the difference between full payment and part payment?
Full payment is the total price of the product displayed on the order page while part payment is 60% or more of the total price of product displayed on the order page. However, most designers do not accept part payment, so it is advisable you make full payment of the product to facilitate the speedy processing your order.

What if i have my material and or design?
❖ If you have your material, all you need to do is to look for a design you feel will suit the material and order for it. On the checkout page select “I have my material” then select a delivery option with which you will deliver the material to designer. Once designer confirms receipt of the material and confirm acceptance of the order from his dashboard, the order is initiated.
❖ Meanwhile, if you have the picture of a design you wish to make your material with, all you need do is to select a designer from the designer’s page on the menu bar, click on any of his product and select “Send Design to Designer”, follow the instructions and submit. Then you send your material to designer as illustrated above. T & C apply.

How long will it take to deliver my order?
It takes a maximum of 7 days (all things being equal) to deliver all initiated orders.

How do I measure myself?
Where to Measure
Description (How to Measure)
Head Size
Measure around your head
Neck Size
Measure around the fullest part of your neck, at the base
Shoulder Length
Measure along the shoulder from the back, end to end
Bust (F)
Measure the fullest part of your bust
Chest (M)
Measure around your chest, just under your arms and across the shoulder blades
Measure around your waistline (narrowest part) keeping it a bit loose
Measure around the widest point of your hips
Length of Top
Begin measurement from collar straight down
Sleeve Length
Measure along arm, from center back of the neck, across the shoulder, and down the arm to the wrist
Trouser Length
Measure from waist down to the ankle, also measure around thigh and ankle, for skirts, measure from waist to helm
Measure from the crotch to the anklebone on the inside of the leg

Is it necessary to send or upload a full profile photo of myself to help the designer?
Answer: It is optional! Some designers prefer to see full profile pictures of the customer to help them get a perfect fit. T & C apply.

What is a full profile picture?
Answer: A full profile picture must include the front; side and rear (back) views of the customer from head to toe. T & C apply.

How can i become a designer?

1. First you need to register as a user on the site by clicking on the ‘Register’ button at the top right corner of the site’s homepage and filling the required information.
2. Login to your account from the login section.
3. Click on account on the homepage menu, a dashboard opens.
4. Scroll down to ‘Apply for Designer Status’
5. Fill the required information and submit
6. Your application will be processed in approximately 48 hours time. Once you are upgraded as a designer, a mail will be sent to you, informing you of the success of your application and you can start making posts at once.

NB: Customers may not be able to purchase your products until you activate your eiWallet Account.

What is eiWallet?
This is a virtual money account, where buyers and sellers save their money in virtual form known as eiCoins for use on the site. It could also be transferred from one user to another seamlessly by using the transfer portal on My wallet page.

What is eiCoins?
Eicoins is the fastest, safest and the most convenient payment gateway on www.estyles.ng. It is a payment option where customers purchase virtual coins from www.estyles.ng and use these coins to make purchases at a cheaper rate and a more secure and convinient way on the site.

How secure is eiCoins?
When you make purchases with eicoins, the value is deducted from your eiWallet account and credited on the eiWallet account of the seller automatically. However, on event of any default/defect, the value deducted will be credited back to your eiWallet seamlessly. Apart from that, the seller does not have access to the coins until you (the customer) confirm receipt of the order on your dashboard. So your money is safe and secured. Also, when you return a valid default/defect product, estyles will credit your eiWallet with eiCoins equivalent of the amount spent in the cause of returning the product.

How do i activate my eiWallet Account?
Click the account section at top right corner of your homepage, a dashboard will appear, look out for My wallet, click on it and follow the instruction.

Can i transfer eiCoins?
Yes, you can transfer eiCoins to any user on the site using the transfer eiCoins button and inputting the recipient's eiWallet ID.

Can i redeem my eiCoins?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is to write to us via [email protected] stating the amount you want to redeem and the account to which you wish to redeem it. When we get this request we will process it and make the transaction. This takes a maximum of 5 working days, or less.

If you have any more questions, suggestions or answers to any of these questions, direct them to the following address: [email protected]