Return Policy
If you still aren’t satisfied with your order and you want to return them through Eistyles Nigeria, items can only be returned if they meet the following criteria:

It must be within FOURTEEN (14) days from the delivery date.
Clothing item must not be worn, ironed or washed and must be in the same condition as delivered (NEW CONDITION).
The item must be returned in its EISTYLES PACKAGING with all its accessories intact (promotional gifts, tags, cards, etc).
It is damaged upon delivery.
If you get an entirely different product.
It is not part of the list of exceptions (see below)
It must be accompanied by a completed RETURN FORM.


Size; clothing item is too small or too big (you must submit your CORRECT MEASUREMENTS and accurate specifications).
Wedding Dresses.
Personal hygiene items such as earrings and wigs.

All returns made without the submission of a paper copy of our completed return form will be automatically revoked!
Download new form HERE if you lost the copy sent to you in our package

Return Procedure
Notify Eistyles Nigeria’s customer service unit via our hotlines or email [email protected] with your complaint. Please state the items and their order numbers and the reason(s) you want to return them. Also state whether you will like a replacement, repair or refund. In the case of refund, a Voucher (which may be in the form of eiCoins) may be given to purchase items at selected places or to make another purchase on the web/mobile app. These coins are only valid for use on the Site, once and lasts for one year. No cash or credit card refund.
Help will be dispatched to you as arranged. You may have to send a defective product by post or we’ll arrange an alternative means.
After we have received the defective product, a quality check will be performed. If the return is valid, your shipping costs will be reimbursed, whereas if it is invalid, you will be notified and the item will be returned back to you after which no other return can be made on that product.
Note that we cannot accept returns for defective items an extra minute after 14 days since delivery. Should you detect any defect with the product and the time frame for returns has elapsed, please use any other means to restore the item. You can of course contact us to help you find the right service centre.

The same return process applies for offline services except for the following differences:
Since offline customers may not be provided with order numbers, you should simply include a photocopy of the bank teller/receipt of payment with the item you are returning.
If you made payment via cash or cheque or bank transfer (SMS or online), you must email a copy of your transaction details to [email protected]
Please note that an extra TWENTY EIGHT (28) days or less may be required in order to refund, replace or repair the defective item after retrieval by Eistyles Nigeria.