Our Standards
As a designer, details and preferences make for authenticity.

You think your products spell African & Nigerian fashion? Uphold the latest African fashion and style trends? Are you up to date on men and women fashion or you’d rather go Vintage fashion?

There are no limits in trends, style and fashion but there are standards that guide any designer to be a verified designer on Eistyles Nigeria.

These heretofore standards shall serve as a guide to becoming an Eistyles Nigeria producer (eiDesigner).
It shall be considered in whole or on part and shall be in use until changed, with or without your prior notice.

You must be a full time tailor/designer/stylist/fabrics supplier

You must have a premises (office, shop or store)

You must be willing to expand

You must be dedicated to your work

You must use the accurate measurements as provided. You are liable for any adjustments you make

You are liable if you change the quality/quantity of the fabric or accessories provided

You must not misrepresent designs

You must not apply poor finishing

You must be willing to submit quality photographs with the following specifications:

Pictures Upload:

Max-Image width: 500px
Max-Image height: 600px

Poor image quality:

You are required to use either a white, black, blue or any other background color that does not conflict with the color of the product.

You don't want to spend much at the graphic designers'? Not to worry we got you covered.

All you need do is whatsapp us the images you want to edit before upload to +2347031960724, +234808 099 0560, or +234703 069 7598 Once we edit we will send back to you for upload.

You Should Upload at least 5 images showing the following views;

Main View

Left View

Right View

Back View

All products to be uploaded on the website must be clear and visible, preferably on a mannequin or worn by a human

All products must be made partly or entirely out of indigenous (African) materials

Pictures must be in jpeg (.jpg) or .png format

You must state the correct prize(s) of your product (this means you must not inflate the prices of your product).

You must give full address and label (name) of your business

You must abide by agreed deadline.

However, in cases where an eidesigner fails to meet with an agreed deadline, such a designer will be downgraded automatically and all your accrued remunerations will be forfeited while we (eistyles) retain ownership of all products uploaded to www.eistyles.com on such label name.

This in essence implies eistyles nigeria has sole right to authorize a third-party eidesigner the right to complete such order as well as subsequent orders of the product of such designer within the period of the downgrade.

However, if for any reason a designer ascertains his/her inability to meet up with the deadline, such a designer has the right to decline the order.

You must be willing to work with an assigned eistylist and abide by his/her directives

All finished products must be communicated to the stylist on or before the deadline

You must abide by the terms and conditions guiding our clients

Once a product has been confirmed marketable, it will be displayed immediately on the website with accurate information as provided

Once an order is placed for your product, you shall be notified on your dashboard as well as via your email address.