Terms & Conditions
Welcome to www.estyles.ng (the “Site”) the official website of Estyles Nigeria! (may be represented as “we”, “us” or “our”).
These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) is a guide for users, producers, customers and third party affiliates to use the Site safely and enjoy the services we provide to full satisfaction.
These Terms and Conditions apply to all online and offline activities of Estyles Nigeria (registered under the company act of 1990 as amended of the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with company registration number BN2300090).
Accessing the Site implies you understand and accept these Terms and Conditions, therefore, if you find any of these Terms and Conditions falling short of any of your needs, you are advised not to use this website.
Changes will be made to the contents of the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis and will be effective when posted on the Site with or without prior notice.
Please you are advised to check this portion of the Site regularly for updates.
Should you decide to continue to use of the Site notwithstanding, it constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

General Use of the Site
The Terms and Conditions hereby presented is written in English language and Estyles Nigeria is the only legal entity that reserves the right to publish a translated copy of this Terms and Conditions. However, the English version of this Terms and Conditions is provided for convenience only and will serve all users of the Site.
You are not to use the Site if you are not at least 13 years of age or able to form a contract with Estyles Nigeria, under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian or not permitted by law to patronize the product and services of Estyles Nigeria.
The license to use the Site is revocable and non-transferable in line with the Terms and Conditions described for the purpose of customizing and paying for indigenous designs and uploading of business materials by our producers for the sole use of marketing.
Commercial use or use on behalf of any third party is highly prohibited, except with the express written permission of Estyles Nigeria in advance. Violation or breach of any of these Terms and Conditions can result to outright withdrawal of the license granted in this paragraph with or without your consent.
Estyles Nigeria uses everything you see on the Site to inform you about indigenous designs (“products”) and our services. The products displayed on the Site are given to us by registered producers and not made by us. Feedbacks and suggestions (submissions) expressed on the Site are those of the user(s) posting such contents and may not may not reflect our opinions. However, we take responsibility for any direct posts we create.

Producer Use
A Producer is any individual or group that registers or subscribes to an account (“Designer’s Account”) and uploads products to sell, and he/she is accredited by Estyles Nigeria. You are required to provide correct and up-to-date information about yourself and your business as directed on this Site should you choose to be a producer. You are responsible for the safety and security of your password and other account identifiers.
The account owner is entirely liable for all activities carried out with such password or account. Furthermore, you must notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account. We disclaim any responsibility, directly or indirectly, resulting from loss or damage of any kind incurred by failing to comply with this section.
Use of false e-mail address or phone number, impersonation or otherwise misleading us or third parties as to the origin of any Submissions is not permitted on the Site, therefore, we are not obligated to remove or edit any Submissions.
The producer has the right to submit quality pictures and accurate information for accreditation according to the standards of Estyles Nigeria.
The results may or may not be communicated to you. All contents accredited become the sole property of Estyles Nigeria and we reserve the full right to use these contents to our discretion. Any information or data obtained by “Estyles Crew” is an exclusive property of Estyles Nigeria and we reserve the right to use this information or data as we deem fit.
Every producer is entitled to Slots after accreditation. Slots are units of pictures and information available for producers’ use on the Site. On exhaustion of the Slots, the producer has the right to pay for extra Slots through his/her account/wallet. A producer also has the right to upload as many pictures as permitted by our standards. Cost per upload is unified and translated easily across the payment platforms. Each Slot is represented by an alphanumeric identity (also known as tags). Tags are IDs of products on the Site. These tags are assigned randomly according to Estyles Nigeria discretion.
The sales service idea for producers comprises album slots in the sales catalog, marketing, option to deliver finished product and supply of fabrics and accessories at a discounted price.
Estyles Nigeria is under no obligation to post any information or data on your behalf and we reserve the full right to close any account that is inactive (you have not uploaded pictures) for 90 days even after Slots have been purchased and deleted with or without prior notice. In the event that a producer decides to close his/her account temporarily or permanently, such a producer must notify Estyles Nigeria in advance.
You agree that all information and data submitted to Estyles Nigeria was given under no duress or influence of substances of any kind but with your full consent and approval.

Customer Use
All visitors to the Site are customers. You agree to use the services provided on the Site solely for private purposes. You agree that you will not by any means copy, reproduce, download, republish, sell, distribute or resell any services or any information, text, images, graphics, video clips, sound, directories, files, databases or listings etc (“Content”) available on or through the Site for commercial purposes or to exploit Estyles Nigeria without a written permission from us. Violation of the terms under this section is strictly prohibited and may attract legal action.
Customers may be allowed access to third party Contents, products or services through hyperlinks in the form of word link, banners, channels, etc, API or otherwise to such third party websites. Customers are therefore cautioned to read the terms and conditions and or privacy policies before using the Site. Estyles Nigeria has no control over and does not monitor Content, products or services provided by such websites and thus is not liable for any loss that may be incurred by the customer.
All Content submitted to the Site and/or provide to us, including but not limited to, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively, "Submissions") become sole and exclusive property of Estyles Nigeria and shall not be returned to you.
In addition to the rights applicable to any Submission, when you post comments or reviews to the Site, you also grant us the right to use the name that you submit, in connection with such review, comment, or other content to our discretion.
Actions which may undermine the integrity of the computer systems or networks of Estyles Nigeria or gain unauthorized access to such computer systems or networks are highly prohibited on the Site. You agree not to engage in any action which undermines the integrity of Estyles Nigeria’s feedback system, such as leaving positive feedback for yourself using secondary member Ids or through third parties or by leaving unsubstantiated negative feedback for another user.
At any time you post or display any information, Content or material on the Site, you grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, no-royalty and sub-licensable license to display, transmit, distribute, reproduce, publish, duplicate, adapt, modify, translate, create derivative works, and otherwise use them in any form, media, or technology now know or not currently known in any manner or for any purpose which may be beneficial to the operation of the Site. You confirm and warrant to Estyles Nigeria that you have all the rights, power and authority necessary to grant the above license.
The customer is entitled to a customer account without which products cannot be bought on the Site. The customer is entirely responsible for the safety of all password(s) and other account identifiers. The customer is entirely liable for all activities carried out with such password or account. We disclaim any responsibility, directly or indirectly, resulting from loss or damage of any kind incurred failing to comply with this section.
It is mandatory to use a valid email address and phone number where requested for appropriately as impersonation or mislead of any form is not permitted on the Site.

Offline Services
Estyles Nigeria also offers offline services for her customers. Para-venture you cannot operate or are not satisfied with our online products and services, we have equally robust offline machinery for your use too. These include but are not limited to photo catalogues, sketches, stylists, photographers, makeup artists, models, mannequins, etc. To buttress our commitment to making sure we serve you as conveniently as possible, you may also provide us with any additional information or data which can include pictures, sketches or text descriptions only of the indigenous design(s) you desire to customize. However, we are under no obligation to use any of these submissions.

Order Acceptance and Pricing
Please note that an order may not be processed for various reasons and the Site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason at any given time. Some additional verification details may be requested of you such as your phone number, contact address, name and collection center.
The following information is very important to note:
The order number.
The collection centre nearest to you.
To state whether or not we should supply the material and accessories.
To mention the mode of delivery; either by post or home/office delivery.
The address and contact details of the producer.
Please note that you are required to reply accordingly and no further information will be requested of you. Estyles Nigeria is not responsible for any loss that may be incurred if information given is inaccurate, incomplete and incomprehensible or out of place. We also assure you that the information you provide will be used strictly to help you customize your indigenous designs conveniently and we shall not compromise that trust.
Errors may occur in the display of prices on the Site such as mispricing or incomplete display of prices, notwithstanding our commitment to displaying accurate prices. In the event of such a scenario, we reserve the right to withdraw or refuse an order placed under such circumstances even after payment has been made.
You may also be notified of such cancellation.

Payment Method
Payment can be made as soon as order is placed. The modes of payment are either by cash or cheque, bank deposit, bank transfer, POS, pay on delivery (POD), voucher or eicoins. Customers are expected to make payments immediately an order is placed on the Site to facilitate the speedy process of customizing and delivering the product. Processing of an order can only commence after payment has been made and confirmed.

Trademarks and Copyrights
Both registered or unregistered intellectual property rights, trade secrets, marketing strategies, research and development schemes in the Site, information content on the Site and all the website design, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, software, photos, video, music, sound, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software shall remain our property.

The entire contents of the Site also are protected by copyright as a collective work under Nigeria copyright laws and international conventions. All rights reserved.

Grounds for Termination
Bear in mind that with any other legal or equitable remedies, we may also, without prior notice to you, immediately terminate the Terms and Conditions or revoke any or all of your rights granted under these terms and conditions.
You shall immediately cease all access to and use of the Site upon termination of this agreement and we shall, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, immediately revoke all password(s) and account identification given to you and deny your access to and use of this Site entirely or partially.

Any termination of this agreement shall not affect the respective rights and obligations, including, but without limitation to payment obligations of the parties arising before the date of termination. Furthermore, you agree that the Site is not liable to you or to any other person as a result of any form of suspension or termination.

If you still are dissatisfied with our services or do not agree to any of the terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices of Estyles Nigeria in operating the Site, it is entirely up to you to discontinue using the site.